I have trained with Nick for over 2 years. In the beginning my husband and I shared the sessions. It was a great start but each of us needed a more specific focus. Now, twice a week I step into the gym full force and come out feeling great. Nick challenges me and I surprise myself. I am 63 and feel and look more fit and ready for both the beach and the ski hill than ever before in my life. Workouts are never the same and Nick is energetic, upbeat and awesome. www.joanteasdale.com

– Joan Teasdale

New York, NY

My friend introduced me to Nick to help me get in shape for my upcoming wedding. I’ve been seeing him for about five months now and feel a HUGE difference in my physical appearance, mental confidence and focus. Nick is a trainer who actually listens to you about which areas you want to target and it makes a huge difference. He is flexible when it comes to scheduling which is impossible to find in NYC. I highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a top-notch trainer who will actually listen to you and change your body and who motivates you to achieve your fitness goals. It also helps that he knows so much about about nutrition and is willing to give great advice about diet. Any future brides looking for a great trainer to get you where you want to be for your wedding — I highly recommend Gore’s Fitness.

-Hadley S.

New York, NY

Hey Nick. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you, and your style & your commitment to helping me achieve my goal! I gotta tell you! You make the work outs interesting & I never knew that I am able to achieve a full body workout with you in 1 hour with minimum weights! All the stars were aligned right the day you walked up to introduce yourself! Today I went from ‘I believe’ to ‘I know’ that I will weigh 165 with about 15 percent body fat! The only pain in the ass there is that I have to invest in yet another wardrobe!! Thanks Nick

-Larry Z.

New York, NY

Nick is the ultimate trainer, he tunes into what you want to accomplish, accesses where you’re at & pushes you to do more than you think without realizing it. He’s doubly committed to deliver your body results. With Nick I’ve seen my body actually shape & attain definition that I did not think by body was capable of.Nick is incredibly knowledgable, coaching on diet, environment, pointing out how injuries happen and contributes information to impact my overall well being. Nick’s disposition is an additional asset, he aligns with your personality: intense but fun, intense, intense or novice making time go by quickly. I highly recommend Nick, he’s knowledgable, progressive, committed, flexible, challenging & strives to over-deliver.

-Marta C.

Brooklyn, NY

I had memberships in two (2) gyms over the years way back. This is the 1st time I can say I really look forward to going to the gym. Nick is a great trainer & since training with him, I no longer feel like a ‘tree trunk’ rolling out of bed in the morning. What I really appreciate is the fact that if something ‘hurts’ (from lack of use for the last few centuries) Nick will ask how I feel even before I stop, or I will stop & describe what & where I’m feeling; he not only knows how to remedy it, but the reason it felt like that.

-Gene P.

New York, NY

Nick was my instructor for seven weeks. He’s patient, kind and funny! I was very impressed with his knowledge of physiology, fitness and nutrition. If I were going to hire a personal trainer Nick would be my first choice. I highly recommend him if you want to see results and learn a thing or two!

-Doug W.

San Francisco, CA

Nick is awesome!  He’s friendly, flexible and he  challenges me to push beyond. He makes it burn just enough so I feel like I’m at least en route to my goal -Michelle O’s arms and Sarah JP legs, but, well, yeah..on my way, some things I will acknowledge one is born with, and I just don’t have those legs, no matter what I’m afraid.  Making the commitment to regularly scheduled “me” time works really well with him because I don’t dread it and I feel like it’s making a difference.  He knows his stuff.

-Sarah P.

San Francisco, CA

Nick’s enthusiasm and motivation really helped me not only get to the gym but also work hard at what I was trying to achieve. Nick is extremely positive and helped me lose those extra pounds without making me feel bad about myself, ever. There was a great deal of variety in our workouts and Nick was able to not only help me inside the gym but reinforce critical measures in my diet and overall health. I would recommend Nick very highly to anyone!

-Lucy A.

San Francisco, CA